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A simple solution to a simple problem. I expected a concise answer to already be out there but I could not find it; so I wrote it.

Album Art for Crush by Floating Points

If you are interested in the details surrounding this solution, read on after the code snippets.

Config class extending WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter:

@EnableGlobalMethodSecurity(prePostEnabled = true, proxyTargetClass = true)
public class ServerSecurityConfig extends WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter {....

public DaoAuthenticationProvider authenticationProvider(final PreAuthPasswordChecker preAuthPasswordChecker,
final PostAuthPasswordChecker postAuthPasswordChecker) {
DaoAuthenticationProvider provider = new DaoAuthenticationProvider();
return provider;
} ....


import org.springframework.stereotype.Component…

We all love a good icon that takes away two lines of text, finding that perfect colour to show the vibe of your website and a pop-up banner that brings in sales but how do you know what is good and what is a complete flop?

Let’s start with icons, they take up very little space, eliminate lines of writing and they are, usually, easy to understand but what makes a good icon.

Universal icons are the most known icons that most users understand, they don’t need a label or description, but there aren’t many of these. Then there are…

Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a vital role in design work. (AI) shapes how we think, feel, and behave. It drives the decisions that define our future. Though relatively new, AI and User Experience (UX) designers have some similar functions. Namely, they both gather data, analyze user interactions and predict human behavior.

AI helps boost creativity for designers, it takes care of some basic and tedious work, freeing up the designer can spend that time on idea building and other tasks.

AI is like a virtual assistant for a designer, it gives the designer time to focus on ideas and creativity.

Colour is one of the most basic aspects of design. It’s so fundamental, a user is constantly seeing and interacting with colours. It transmits a psychological message to the users, so choosing the right colours for your brand, logo or product can be vital. Colour can make your brand notable, more trustworthy and so on.

Colour in UX is an important tool in creating UI elements like buttons, navigation, and call to actions, among many others. These elements crucially shape a user’s interaction with a UI and establish brand communication (between the company and all its users).

Creator: gremlin | Credit: Getty Images

Digital transformation is the rethinking of how digital technology is used across an organization. It is a cultural journey involving connected goals and operational change in the business. While digital transformation is predominantly used in a business context, it also impacts other organizations, such as governments, public sector agencies, and organizations that are involved in tackling societal challenges.

The covid crisis rapidly reshaped both the what and the how of companies’ digital transformation agendas. With most people working remotely, employee experience of digital technology has gone from “nice to have”, to the only way work gets done. …


In the tech and digital industries there is an increasing demand for the combination of design and development skills. Every client/company is looking to find their ‘unicorn’ — one person with a huge range of skills that they can squeeze the maximum amount of production out of without having to pay too much. Smaller companies and start-ups can probably get away with it considering the longer project windows and fewer projects overall. But there is still the risk of overworking their precious horned-horse.

So, to learn or not to learn? The answer to this question really varies…

This is not an easy phrase to define, and it’s misunderstood by many. Design Culture is more than an artistic craft;

A design Culture is a vehicle to rediscover the human side of your business. Every person is special and deserves the freedom to discover who they are and what they bring to the organisations they work so hard for. …

At Neslo we believe in a positive workplace culture. We believe in an environment that is created for employees, which encourages staff to work constructively together, to care for each other’s wellbeing. This encourages good relationships, increases productivity, progression, teamwork and retention of staff.

Positive workplace culture creates better customer service and customer retention when managers and employees’ positive methods satisfy the customers. …

Data privacy — a subset of data security — is primarily concerned with information privacy and governing how user data is collected and distributed online. It also involves proper handling of sensitive data including: personal data, intellectual property, and confidential data.

With the massive influx of personal information that has become available online, data is now so valuable that it’s considered the “new oil mine”. Meaning that the laws that govern privacy and data protection are crucial to protecting clients, and ultimately, your organisation’s success.

Privacy is the right…

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