My First Month At Neslo — Jamie Godwin

3 min readNov 17, 2021

Starting a new job is always daunting, new people, new position and a new environment, however starting a new job in a position which is exciting, makes this far less daunting.

My first month at Neslo has been invigorating and rewarding. I am elated to have joined a dynamic environment where my toiling is understood and appreciated.

I remember the night before starting at Neslo, excited, yet nervous, wondering what I could do to ensure that I felt more prepared for this new challenge. What a pleasure it has been to join a community where employees are valued, respected, guided and mentored.

Joining Neslo has made me realise that my confidence had taken a serious knock. My move has been great and my confidence is growing daily.

Excitement explained:-

With a degree in Creative Brand Communication, the idea of becoming a brilliant designer excites me immensely. Seeing my title, “Junior Designer” is incredible and makes me want to do everything in my power to ensure that I make a success of this great opportunity. I am grateful to be at Neslo because the environment enables and promotes me to love and enjoy my work. The collective attitude — produced by individual attitudes — is one of fruitfulness and efficiency.

Everyone at Neslo embraces new challenges and has a hunger to learn and grow. It is amazing to be surrounded by peers who are simultaneously preceptors and mentors. Every day I am growing with the team, learning new aspects of design and enjoying every bit of information I can get my hands on.

Happiness explained:-

The other day someone asked me where I work and what I do for a living, how exciting it was to tell them! I am grateful to be proud of the company I work for and the passion I get to express daily.

As a 5am kind of girl, my mornings are very important to me, I train and then spend some time setting my intentions for the day. Having the flexibility to start my day in the right way has such a positive effect on my life. Working from home until traffic has died down, sitting in an area that aids my creativity, and enjoying the company of my teammates. All these little things make me feel happy and peaceful.


Working for a company that has the culture and environment that Neslo does is a pleasure. I am driven to succeed because I am given the responsibility and trust to do what works for me. Neslo supports freedom and flexibility and provides an environment where self-management is encouraged.

Recently I had a conversation with Jordan, CEO at Neslo, and he told me that he is driven and committed to success, regardless of what it takes. Spending seemingly endless hours working on an issue and eventually finding a solution (to the issue) is incredibly rewarding. There is even sometimes a kick of adrenaline when the solution is discovered. This drives passion, for both Jordan and the team.

Hard work has never scared me. It requires discipline, a tenacious will and determination to become more knowledgable, acquire more skills and greater wisdom. It is evident that Neslo invites hard work to realise great potential.

I am excited to continue on this path of growth. And equally excited to help pave the path of growth for others. To anyone thinking of taking a leap of faith, do it, take the opportunity and run with it. Life is short. We must seize every opportunity with fervour in order to make something of our talents.